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MMedVet - Overview


The Master's degree in Veterinary Medicine is a professional specialist degree which equips the student with a broad scientific background in the theoretical aspects of the discipline and provides specific skills and competencies in the chosen specialty.

Holders of the degree are registerable with the South African Veterinary Council as specialists provided they are also registerable as veterinarians.

The programme covers theoretical and practical training in the chosen specialty and requires the completion of a research project and submission of a dissertation. A module in research methodology is compulsory.

Some of the programmes are recognised as suitable programmes for preparation for overseas diplomate college examinations.


Admission requirements


Candidates have to be in possession of a BVSc or equivlent degree. Completion of a BVSc(Hons) degree with appropriate modules may also be required. An entrance test may be required as well as an English proficiency test (TOEFL).

Credits obtained in the BVSc(Hons) programme may be recognised for a period of two years. The minimum duration of the programme is two years and may be extended to four years if the BVSc(Hons) degree has been completed with all appropriate modules, or to six years if the appropriate modules have to be completed as part of the MMedVet programme.

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