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The honours degree provides the student with a broad scientific background in the theoretical aspects of the modules offered. A selection of related modules is required to the value of 120 SAQA credits (24 to 30 faculty credits in the current credit-rating system). The knowledge gained in this degree programme can be applied in general practice and Faculty credits earned may be recognised for a period of two years in a subsequent MMedVet degree programme. Conferment of the honours degree is not subject to future registration in the master's degree programme.

The modules are classified on a general, discipline-based and species-based basis and there are no restrictions in terms of credits in these categories. Modules offered in other Faculties of the University may also be included if approved.


Admission requirements and duration


Candidates have to be in possession of a BVSc or equivalent degree. An entrance test may be required as well as an English proficiency test (TOEFL).

The minimum duration of the programme is one year and may be extended to two years for full-time study and three years for part-time study.

The programme is currently under revision.