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Master of Public Health (MPH) - Overview

The University of Pretoria and the American Cancer Society are offering a limited number of fellowships for study towards a Master of Public Health (MPH) degree with special interest in tobacco control. These are available on a competitive basis to English-speaking citizens of Sub-Saharan African countries.


The Master of Public Health (MPH) programme prepares professionals for leadership roles in the management, improvement, and evaluation of health, health interventions, and the health care system. It is a degree with international recognition, even though MPH degree programmes around the world vary widely in terms of intensity, scope and depth. It is primarily a practice-oriented degree, not a research degree.
Note that the term “public health” refers to the health of entire populations. It is not limited to public sector health. Students from both public and private health sectors find that the MPH degree programme provides them with essential learning and competencies that assist them in their work and careers.
The MPH programme enables students to acquire a solid understanding of the many facets of health and health care. It also exposes the students to the many disciplines involved. At the same time, the field of health systems and public health is far too wide for a student to become a specialist in all its aspects. For this reason, the MPH programme is structured in such a way that students, in consultation with School staff, can select one area of concentration, or “track", in public health. At the end of this programme, students will not only have acquired an understanding of the entire field of health systems and public health but will also have developed sufficient competence in one particular field. 
All graduate courses and modules are presented in English. Through a (non-credit) course at the University, the School offers language programmes to assist those who do not speak English. Enrolment for a language programme can be arranged through the Student Administrator. Sufficient fluency in English is needed before starting the MPH programme. The language courses are presented at the Main Campus of the University of Pretoria.
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MPH tracks

There are currently eight available areas of concentration:

Epidemiology and Biostatistics
Epidemiology and Biostatistics subtrack: Monitoring and Evaluation

Public Health Laboratory Programme (PHLP)

Field Epidemiology and Laboratory Training (FELTP)

Health Policy and Management

Environmental and Occupational Health
Environmental and Occupational sub-track: Occupational Hygiene

Disease Control

Health Research Ethics

Health Promotion