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Grossology and spiders to captivate young minds within the sciences

Deur Phindiwe Nkosi

Gelaai op 06 Julie 2009

FAKING BLOOD: Mrs Rudi Horak making fake wounds and blood Ė all in the name of science
FAKING BLOOD: Mrs Rudi Horak making fake wounds and blood Ė all in the name of science

The University of Pretoriaís Faculty of Natural and Agricultural Sciences is committed to captivating young leading minds in the community with the fascinating world of the sciences. One of these avenues is through the already fully booked popular bilingual ďScience is FunĒ holiday programme which is to take place from 7 Ė 10 July 2009.

Hosted by the University of Pretoria’s award-winning Sci-Enza Science Centre, it has transcended from recently exposing children to a living cheetah, vulture and bats to arguably its most engaging and child orientated theme to date: grossology and living spiders!

“This theme is one of a practical nature that is designed to engage young minds. On the 7th and 9th of July 2009, learners will participate in some slimy, yucky, stinky and oozy experiments. It is also not just about keeping them actively involved, but imparting vital knowledge to them as they play,” says Mrs Rudi Horak, curator of Sci-Enza Science Centre at the University of Pretoria.

On the 8th and 10th of July 2009 children will be positioned in a location with living spiders in their midst. Prof Ansie Dippenaar and her team from the Agricultural Research Council will attempt to enchant learners with regard to this subject matter. Learners will come face-to-face with spiders, use microscopes and partake in enjoyable hands-on spider activities.

According to Mrs Horak, it is important to reassess whether the children you are trying to expose to the sciences are indeed captivated by what you are presenting to them. “Unless one comes down to the children’s level – it is all just passing time. To maximise on the impact, young graduate science communicators will also work closely with the learners,” concludes Mrs Horak.

For more information on the Science Centre, please contact +27 (0)12 420 3767 / 2865.


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