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About the UP Law Clinic


Members of the Faculty and the profession actively support the Clinic by providing quality legal education to students and quality legal services to the marginalised community.

legal advice office, established during 1994 by the Centre for Human Rights in Hammanskraal was converted into a branch of the Law Clinic during January 2001, providing a full range of services to the marginalised communities of Hammanskraal, Moretele, Mandela Village and Manjaneng. Since 1 February 2003 the Hammanskraal branch functions in conjunction with the Legal Aid Board as a joint venture. It now specialises in civil litigation. During March 2008 another branch opened on the Mamelodi Campus providing a full range of legal services to the indigent in the surrounding areas thereto. Illiteracy and poverty are endemic to these areas, often resulting in people not being able to gain access to equitable justice.

The UP Law Clinic: 


·         is statutorily recognised;

·         forms part of the Faculty of Law;

·         enjoys accreditation and certification by the relevant Law Society;

·         employs a full-time director and principal attorneys, professional assistants, candidate attorneys, administrative and secretarial staff;

·         has the necessary infrastructure, filing and bookkeeping systems;

·         provides legal services free of charge;

·         enjoys liability cover under a comprehensive insurance policy;

·         is responsible for academic credit regarding clinical legal education courses in the Faculty;

·         is a member of AULAI (Association for University Legal Aid Institutions);

·         receives financial support from the University, as well as outside funders;

·         has strong links with other clinics in South Africa and abroad;

·         often enters into co-operation agreements with government agencies, professional bodies, NGO’s and paralegal advice offices;

·         has a main office in Hatfield and branch offices in Hammanskraal and Mamelodi;

·         is the preferred training provider for aspirant debt counsellors.


Through the Clinic, final year law students and candidate attorneys are offered a unique opportunity to practice law while being mentored by experienced clinic lawyers.


The Clinic’s branch offices in Hammanskraal and Mamelodi provide legal services and advice to the poor and often marginalised communities in the surrounding rural and semi rural areas.


The Law Clinic forms part of the Faculty of Law and is statutorily recognised as a Legal Aid Clinic in terms of the Attorneys Act 53 of 1979 (as amended), duly certified and accredited as such by the Law Society of the Northern Provinces.

The staff report to the Head of the Department of Procedural Law in the Faculty of Law on their teaching activities and to a Management Committee on their community service. They are accountable to the Faculty Board of the Faculty of Law and to the Law Society of the Northern Provinces.