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Getting rid of rabies
Louise de Bruin
Posted on 01 Jul 2014

The Faculty of Veterinary Scienceís Prof Darryn Knobel is in pursuit of eliminating dog rabies across Africa through a novel approach to rabies research. Rabies claims the lives of thousands of people across the continent every year but, for the first time in decades, using evidence-based research the elimination of this devastating disease is considered feasible. Knobel uses a simple method of understanding demographics to determine the vaccination thresholds required for rabies to die out.

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UP vetsí quest to save our heritage
Louise de Bruin
Posted on 24 Jun 2014

Three rhinos per day are lost to poaching in South Africa. At this rate there will be no more wild rhinos left in the country by 2020. The world should realise this has far surpassed a poaching problem. This is no longer about the person who trespasses to kill an animal so that he can feed his family. This is organised crime and a war we are losing.

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Manís best friend gives more than loyalty and love
Louise de Bruin
Posted on 12 Jun 2014

Manís canine companion is set to unravel the mystery of human disease through a study about to commence at UPís Faculty of Veterinary Science. Prof Andrew Leisewitz is embarking on a study of canine diseases which will hopefully lead to a better understanding of human diseases such as malaria and multiple sclerosis and possibly yield more effective treatments. Using animal models to learn more about these human diseases, Leisewitzís two research areas are a tick-borne disease and a viral disease, namely canine babesiosis and canine distemper.

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