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Real FS Cheetahs visit the OVAH for treatment

By CvB

Posted on 04 July 2007

Four cheetahs from Vrede in the Free State belonging to the South African National Birds of Prey Centre and Wildlife Sanctuary on 4 July were treated in the Faculty's Onderstepoort Veterinary Academic Hospital

The Cheetahs were brought to the Faculty by Mr Tervor Oertel with whom they are living to have growths removed. They were inoculated when they were still cubs and each one developed a growth (granuloma) on that spot. Mr Oertel hand-raised them after their mother abandoned them and they are now being used for educational programmes. They were the patients of veterinary surgeon, Dr Johan Marais of the Faculty. According to Dr Marais the procedures in every case went well and that the four cheetahs, Sahara, Tosha, Sara and Getty were 'very well behaved' patients. Although he does not suspect the growths to be malignant they were sent away for tests anyway. The four young cheetahs already went home on the same day.

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Below: Mr Trevor Oertel with Sahara after a growth was removed by Dr Johan Marais (Picture: Liza van Deventer, Pretoria News).

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