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Department of Veterinary Tropical Diseases

Non-thematic Research

  1. Molecular and morphologic characterization of coccidial oocysts isolated from African buffalo (Syncerus caffer) and other bovids of South Africa using the 18S rRNA gene

    Using conventional autofluorescence microscopy, Eimeria spp. that occur in both buffalo and cattle at various locations in South Africa are identified. These are then characterized molecularly using PCR sequence data derived from the 18S rRNA gene.

    Dave Lorom (MSc student), Banie Penzhorn (supervisor), Marinda Oosthuizen (co-supervisor), Rhulani Nkuna


  1. Antibody phage-displayed libraries derived form chicken immunoglobulin genes as a source of highly specific diagnostic antibodies.

    Recombinant antibody technology has proven to be a viable alternative to traditional hybridoma methods as a way of creating highly specific diagnostic reagents. The avian antibody repertoire is relatively easy to access because of the way birds generate immunoglobulin diversity by gene conversion. This projects aims to determine whether high-affinity chicken single-chain Fvs directed against a number of different diagnostic targets can be derived from a single immune bird. Accordingly, a chicken is to be immunised with a number of different antigens and its splenocytes used as a source of mRNA from which a filamentous phage library displaying single-chain Fv antibody fragments can be constructed. The resulting library will be screened for binders which can be incorporated into a variety of immunoassay formats. The proposed approach is expected to yield affinity-matured binders and can potentially provide a focussed alternative to large "universal" repertoires as a source useful of antibody fragments.

    Thamsanqa Chiliza (MSc student), Dion du Plessis (supervisor, ARC-OVI)

    Collaborating institution:

Immunology Division, Onderstepoort Veterinary Institute, Agricultural Research Council


Department of Science and Technology

  1. The prevalence of brucellosis in cattle and humans in Maputo Province, Mozambique, using serological methods and detection of nucleic acids

    Anabela Manhiça (MSc student), Moritz van Vuuren (supervisor), Jacques Godfroid (co-supervisor), L. Perreira (co-supervisor; Directorate of Animal Health, Maputo)

    Collaborating institution:

Directorate of Animal Health, Maputo, Mozambique


Swedish International Development Agency

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