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Department of Informatics

Postgraduate: Doctoral Programme


The University's general regulations G.45 - G.61 are applicable, as well as the regulations of the Faculty of Engineering, the Built Environment and Information Technology for the PhD(IT) (see relevant Yearbook).


The research fields of the Department


The Department focuses its research on the following broad fields:

  • Information systems and the organization;

  • Information systems and education.

  • ICT for Sustainable Development

    See Doctoral Theses for a list of completed PhDs

The PhD programmes


The Department offers a PhD in Information Technology and Information Systems under the auspices of the School of Information Technology in the Faculty of Engineering, Built Environment and Information Technology as well as a PhD in Informatics under the auspices of the Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences. Students in possession of a master’s degree or equivalent may consider these options in Informatics.

The study consist of a research thesis to be completed under the supervision of a promoter. Topics for the thesis may be chosen from any of the research focus areas of the Department.

Important information for Prospective Students
: PhD application information 2015 

The candidate is expected to hand in proof of submission of two publishable academic articles of 5000-7000 words together with the thesis for examination. The article must have been submitted to an accredited journal under the names of the candidate and the supervisor(s) and the University of Pretoria owns the intellectual property rights.


Administrative details & admission requirements (PhD)

  1. A prospective PhD student must be in possession of a master's degree in IT or must be admitted to that status by the Dean. In addition the student must have had extensive working experience in the information systems field.

  2. An attainment of at least 65% (average of all the courses and/or dissertation) for the master's degree in IT (or equivalent) is required.

  3. All students may be expected to do preparatory study, the extent of which will be decided upon in consultation with the student. Students who have not done the course work MCom or MPhil at the University of Pretoria, will have to pass the "Fundamentals of Informatics Research" course (FIR) with an average of at least 65% before they will be allowed to enrol for the PhD.

    However, note that acquisition of the required 65% average for these modules does not automatically ensure admittance to the PhD(IT) programme. This will depend on the acceptance of the research proposal. 

    The course work includes:

    1. Thinking about IS thinking;

    2. Social context of information technology;

    3. Research methodology and proposal.  


  4. A student who fails one of these preparatory modules, or who does not meet the 65% subminimum, will not be allowed to enrol for the PhD, or to repeat the above-mentioned modules.
  5. Students who have interrupted their studies also have to apply for admission to the University again.
  6. Students who have interrupted their studies without suspending it at Administration will have to pay all arrears.

  7. All theses are also examined by academics from outside this University.