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Sanger Institute - Welcome Trust

By Anna-Mari Bosman

Posted on 19 May 2008

During March I attended a Welcome Trust-sponsored course in Molecular and Phylogenetic Virology at the Sanger Institute, Hixton, the United Kingdom . It was one of those experiences that you wish will never end!

The Sanger Institute is situated about 20 minutes drive from Cambridge . This institute's fame is human genomics and they form part of the human genome project. The course had a strong emphasis on phylogenetics, genomics and the techniques that support these two subjects.

The course committee sketched a scenario of horses that had died and people who were in hospital, and we were the international investigation team. Wow! In the morning we had to report back to the “Cabinet”! It was great fun and soon the 15 participants consisting mostly of medical doctors were making plans to save the UK from a devastating disease.

Although a Veterinary Technologist from this faculty was the first to identify the virus as feline calcivirus, is it clear that veterinarians and medical practitioners need each others' input in our battle for a healthy planet.

Many thanks to the Welcome Trust who supported my accommodation and course fee, and the Department of Veterinary Tropical disease who paid my travel expenses.

The Sanger Institute

The Sanger Institute

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