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Department of Veterinary Tropical Diseases


Research projects in the Department are grouped in programmes under four mainfocus areas. In addition, there are a number of non-thematic, ad hoc projects, which are usually undertaken to address the specific needs of postgraduate students.

Research focus areas

The Department has aligned its research programme with the focus areas of the Faculty:

  • Veterinary aspects of food safety and food security.
  • Wildlife and environmental health.
  • Molecular studies on infectious and parasitic diseases of animals.
  • Phytomedicine and ethno-veterinary medicine.
  • Equine and companion-animal health and welfare.
  • Anatomical and physiological studies on animals.

Recent research output is listed under each programme.

The research output of the Department could not be maintained without strategic alliances and collaboration with other institutions. Our main partners in this respect are:

Focus areas