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Academic Programmes


Our courses differ in terms of levels and duration. 

  • Basic Certificate Programmes (short / long)
  • Advanced Certificate Programmes (short)
  • Advanced Certificate Programmes (long): valid as course work towards structured Honours/Masters Programmes for those who qualify
  • Seminars & Workshops

The table below indicates current and new programmes (new programmes indicated with an *). The colours indicate the type of programme (see above). For detailed information on every programme, please click on the  link of the programme you are interested in on the left side of the page, listed under Academic Programmes.

Leadership Studies

Healing & Counselling Studies

Organizational & Congregational Studies

Urban & Community Transformation Studies

Constructing Local Theologies:  an introduction to doing theology contextually

From Victims to Agents

Narrative Management

God’s Money: Stewardship & Financial Management

Political Theology (tailor-made: French)

Building Sustainable Leadership Foundations (tailor-made)   

Personal & Corporate Coaching

Faith Communities & Missional Leadership










Social Enterprise & the Art of Change-Making (2016)

Pastoral Care

Counselling for Beginners (on-line)

Trauma Support

Narrative Group Counselling

Imagination Counselling Pt I

Imagination Counselling Pt II

Trauma Counselling

Creative Ageing

Hopeful Compassion (HIV/AIDS Counselling & Care) 

You have the Power: Victim Support & Empowerment

Memory Work: Loss, Death & Bereavement 

Church-Based Counselling Centre Management

Pastoral Care & Counselling

Narrative Pastoral Counselling  



Basic Introductory Courses

Leadership in Ministry

The Church you Serve

Kingdom and Community

A Witnessing Church  

Introduction to a Theological Reading of the Bible – Old Testament

Introduction to a Theological Reading of the Bible – New Testament

Basic & Advanced Courses

Faith Communities and Missional Leadershp


Youth Ministry

Radio Ministry

Youth at Risk

Preaching and Worship in South Africa

Youth Ministry

Interim Ministry

Faithful Witnesses

The Bible & Its Message

Introduction to Urban Ministry

Starting & Sustaining Community Projects

Early Childhood Development

Marriage Ministry

Parenting Ministry

Peace-building & conflict resolution

Approaches to Community Transformation

Building Sustainable Urban Community Organizations

Faith, Communities & Sustainability (2016)

Leadership in Urban Transformation

Child theology  (2015)







Being God’s alternative community (2016)