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Maternal Health in South Africa: Delivering Women's Human Rights
Centre for Human Rights
Gelaai op 10 Oct 2011

You are cordially invited to a panel discussion on maternal health in South Africa. The discussion is organised by the Gender Unit at the Centre for Human Rights, Faculty of Law.

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Colin Daniels wins GIBS Business Plan Competition
Gelaai op 07 Oct 2011

Colin shares 10 things he learned from participating in the Business Plan Competition recently held at GIBS :

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Pretoria-Fordham scholarly collaboration strengthens
Faculty / Fakulteit
Gelaai op 02 Jul 2013

The Faculty of Education at the University of Pretoria is strengthening ties with the Graduate School of Education at Fordham University. The Dean, Prof Irma Eloff, recently visited the Lincoln campus and the Rosehill campus at Fordham in New York.

Prof Eloff met with leading Fordham scholars in education, as well as arts and humanities. Mutual areas for long-term academic collaboration were explored.

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Young woman born without nose gets new face with help of University of Pretoria and Mediclinic
Nicolize Mulder
Gelaai op 24 Jun 2013

Medical history was made at Mediclinic Kloof in Pretoria on Saturday when a young woman who was born without a nose received extensive maxillo-facial surgery and a new nasal prosthesis. Ms Ennica Mahkge (19) suffers from congenital total arrhinia (to be born without a nose).

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South African Chinese commemorate Dignity Day
UP Archives
Gelaai op 21 Jun 2013

The Chinese community of South Africa celebrated Dignity Day on 17 June. Professor Karen Harris of the Department of Historical and Heritage Studies was invited to address the gathering which marked the fifth anniversary of the historic court case that recognised the South African Chinese as having been historically disadvantaged under apartheid and before. Prof Harrisís on-going research on the South African Chinese over the past two decades - along with her doctoral thesis - were used as part of the evidence in the 2008 court submission.

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New Poultry Disease Management Agency (PDMA) and UP Research Poultry Chair launched in the Faculty of Veterinary Science
Gelaai op 13 Jun 2013

The new PDMA-UP Poultry Research Chair in the Faculty of Veterinary Science was recently launched by the Faculty and the South African Poultry Association (SAPA). This exciting collaborative partnership aims among other things, at conducting research on poultry diseases that have an impact on our economy.

The first incumbent of this Chair, Prof Celia Abolnik, who was recently appointed by the Production Animal Studies Department, will be conducting research projects in conjunction with the Poultry Disease Management Agency (PDMA), the government as well as other relevant stakeholders.

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StatsSA: Presentation and Supercross Workshop
Felix liersch
Gelaai op 06 Oct 2011

The Institute for Women's and Gender Studies would like to cordially invite you to a presentation and workshop by Statistics South Africa.

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Faculty of Veterinary Science: Research article about Dinosaurs published in the prestigious journal, Nature
Dr Jan Myburgh
Gelaai op 07 Jun 2013

The Department of Paraclinical Sciences of the Faculty of Veterinary Science is not only expanding its horizons, it is also digging deeper into the past. Dr Fritz Huchzermeyer, an extraordinary lecturer in the Department, was a co-author of an article that was recently published in the prestigious journal, Nature.

The work was done in collaboration with paleontologists in China. This publication reported the preservation of ovarian follicles in Mesozoic birds from China and the early evolution of avian reproductive behaviour. Crocodilians and birds are closely related to dinosaurs and are, therefore, ideal models to explain the reproductive behaviour of these extinct animals.

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Prof Robin Crewe receives Harry Oppenheimer Fellowship to continue research on the African Honeybee
Nicolize Mulder
Gelaai op 06 Jun 2013

The Board of the Oppenheimer Memorial Trust this week announced Prof Robin Crewe as the recipient of the prestigious Harry Oppenheimer Fellowship Award for 2012. Prof Crewe, currently acting as Senior Vice-Principal at UP, is the thirteenth recipient of the Award since its inception and the first from UP.

ďThis very generous award provides us with an extraordinary opportunity to document the importance of understanding the biology of African honeybee populations to the conception of honeybee sociality globally and provide potential solutions to the threat of the loss of honeybee populations,Ē Prof Crewe said.

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LLM/MPhil students launch HIV information tool in Hammanskraal
Nora Ho Tu Nam
Gelaai op 04 Jun 2013

The Centre for the Study of AIDS (CSA) in collaboration with the University of Pretoria runs a para-legal advice bureau for people living with HIV/AIDS in Hammanskraal. The bureau is called The Place and it offers HIV related information along with structural assistance to Thulani Mvula, a community-based HIV activist and support group coordinator.

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