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Student Action: SRC Election

By Prof CR de Beer

Posted on 08 September 2009

The University of Pretoria’s annual SRC election was disrupted on September 8 by a group of students who refer to themselves as the “Student Front”.
The “Student Front” consists of a number of groups that include the ANCYL, PASMA, SASCO and so forth. The “Student Front” is demanding that the University’s SRC elections should be held on a party-political basis. Currently, the elections are held on the basis of constituencies within the University.

The protest action was accompanied by the disruption of lectures and the assault of some staff and students.

After the acting Vice-Chancellor and Principal, Prof C R de Beer, had intervened, it was agreed to suspend the SRC election temporarily.  The University considered the safety of staff and students as more important than the continuation of the election.

The University regrets the behaviour of the particular students. Intimidation and violence are not acceptable ways for resolving problems. We assume that the political parties, of whom these students are part, will express themselves strongly against behaviour that results in the disruption of lectures and the assault of persons.

The University would like to thank those student groups, who were not part of the protest, for their disciplined conduct. The same applies to the professional conduct of the SAPS.

The University has agreed with representatives of the “Student Front”, and, through the SRC with representatives of groups that did not participate in the protest action, to meet on 8 September to determine what the road ahead should be.

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