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Old Testament Studies


The Department annually organises two international congresses. National as well as international researchers attend these congresses and present papers and take part in the congress discussions. The congress dealing with the Pentateuch is known as ProPent. This project was started in 2001 by (now emeritus) Prof. JH le Roux congregating over weekends in a peaceful setting away from the city to advance discussion and continuity in Pentateuch study. The project for studying the Psalms is known as ProPsalms. Prof. Dirk Human is the project leader. This congress usually takes the form of a one day seminar and is also held yearly during the second half of the year.

As a result of these congresses several publications by T&T Clark have seen the light. The Department has been successful in sustaining an average rate of 15 publications per year in accredited journals like Verbum et Ecclesia,HervormdeTeologiese/ Theological Studies and Old Testament Essays.

Members of the Department yearly read papers at international congresses like the International Organisation for the Study of the Old Testament, Society of Biblical Literature (international and in the USA) and the Enoch Seminar (biannually in Italy).

The Department has a large variety of research associates all over the world.

Students who have obtained Masters and Doctoral degrees in the Department come from different parts of the world, from Korea in the east to the United States in the west. The number of students busy with their Masters and Doctoral studies varies annually between 30 and 40.