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Old Testament Studies

Welcome to Old Testament Studies

Theology as a science shows an integrated and a multi-faceted character. This character is built by the perspectives of its different subject disciplines in their interconnectedness and relation to Theology as whole and with scholarship/sciences beyond Theology. Despite the relative autonomy of every sub-discipline, there is a mutual obligation on them all to build the Sache of Theology – a process that is always incomplete and underway. This pertains to OT scholarship too. The future of Old Testament Studies is embedded in the future of all other theological disciplines. As a single discipline Old Testament Studies cannot exist and function independently. By saying this, it is inevitable to assume that Old Testament Studies at any Faculty of Theology has interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary relationships.

This Department aims to present, within the context of the Faculty of Theology, the international community of Old Testament scholars and the citizens of Africa:

  • Excellent education in the Old Testament Studies,
  • Distinctive and internationally recognised research, and
  • Meaningful service to various faith communities.


Project Prophetic Studies hosted at UP - 01/10/2014
From Old Testament Studies

The second meeting of the Project Prophetic Studies (ProProf) was held at the Faculty of Theology in September 2014. The aim of this project is to provide important impulses for our thinking about prophets, prophetic literature, as well as for the impact their theological thinking could have on Christian theology.

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