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Student Affairs

Department of Student Affairs (DSA)

Student Support

Welcome to the University of Pretoria. You are entering an exciting new phase in your life – one that is aimed at preparing you to create a better future not only for yourself, but for all mankind.
Together with the anticipation that accompanies the many wonderful new challenges you will be experiencing, you will also be faced with trials and tribulations that may leave you feeling disillusioned and anxious.
Don’t despair! There is no need to go through these ordeals alone. Whether it is academic or emotional support that you need, the University’s integrated student support services are just a phone call away.
Save the 24-hour Crisis Service number on your cell phone now: 0800 00 64 28 and 012 420 2310.
See the “List of Services Offered” for a comprehensive overview of the services that are available to support you as a student.