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Church History and Church Polity


Research in the Department focuses particularly on South African history grounded in investigating the past with a view to developing a sound historical consciousness and understanding of Christianity, which are indispensable to authentic and relevant ministry and theology. This vision is pursued in an ecumenical context. Within the faculty research theme, Oikodome, the department’s research will focus on Africa: Life, leadership and poverty. This will investigate church historical perspectives on the development of democracy, respect for human dignity and the role of the church in promoting social justice.

  • Poverty: the role of the church in South Africa as an NGO (Johan van der Merwe).
  • Reformed Church polity (Johan van der Merwe).
  • History of Presbyterianism in southern Africa (Graham Duncan)
  • Augustine and Manichaean Christianity (Hans van Oort)
  • Church Polity in ecumenical perspective (Leo Koffeman and Mark Hill)
  • Ecclesiololgy (Wim Dreyer).