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Veterinary Hospital

Small Animal Clinics (including ICU and OARS)

General Information

The Small Animal Clinics examine and treat dog and cat patients for a variety of conditions and diseases. 
All patients are seen by appointment only. 

Clinic hours are weekdays: 08h00 – 16h30 and weekends 08h00 – 10h00. 

Discharges are usually after 14h00 weekdays or by arrangement with the clinic sister/student

Visiting is by arrangement with the clinic sister and/or student responsible for your pet.
Small Animal Medicine is responsible for the treatment and management of complicated tick fever (Babesia Canis) and tick bite fever (Erlichia Canis) as well as many other medical conditions.                  

Tel: +27 529 8128 or 8096 to make an appointment or enquire about an in-hospital patient.

Sr Elske Boersema

Sr Carla van der Merwe

The Small Animal Surgery Clinic offers both an in house and referral service for all surgical cases including orthopaedic, soft tissue and spinal conditions. In addition, the clinic manages routine dog and cat sterilisations, many of which are performed at a reduced rate as part of final year student training.

Tel +27 529 8087 to make an appointment or enquire about an in-hospital patient.

Sr Tamarin Fisher 

Mrs Annatjie Pansegrouw

Onderstepoort Animal Rehabilitation Service (OARS) offers physical rehabilitation to patients with a variety of musculoskeletal and neurological conditions. A heated swimming pool, underwater treadmill and various other therapy modalities are utilised.                                                                                                                                           
Tel +27 12 529 8550 or 082 821 5671 for an appointment.

Sr Theresa Frias

Small Animal Reproduction 
manages at the optimal reproductive health of dogs and cats and also investigates reproductive problems and diseases.                                                                          

Tel +27 12 529 8273 / 8111 to make an appointment or enquire about an in-hospital patient.

Sr Nicolien Fourie
(Pregnancy blood test results are available from the Hormone Lab Tel +27 12 529 8216)

Intensive Care Unit is a 24 hour high-care facility which functions 365 days a year to provide round-the-clock care to critically ill in-house patients. The unit is equipped with specialised equipment, and qualified veterinary and para-veterinary personnel are on duty day and night, assisted by final year veterinary students and veterinary nursing students. Tel +27 12 529 8211 to enquire about a patient.

Sr Marianna Maree tel
+27 12 529 8109

Sr Katinka Jacobs tel +27 12 529 8109

Additional assistance may be obtained from:

OVAH Liaison and Communication:

Sr Sarah Johnson tel
+27 12 529 8387 or +27 (0) 79 183 1878

Matron of the OVAH: 

Sr Amanda Hamman tel: +27 12 529 8064 or +27 (0) 76 843 2817