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Department of Anthropology & Archaeology

Career Opportunities

Anthropology, Archaeology, Development Studies and Heritage Studies are interesting and rewarding fields of study. Students who are attracted by the notion of 'getting out into the field'  and of applying the lessons learnt in lecture halls and tutorial rooms to the task of understanding the 'real world', should find any and all of these disciplines particularly enjoyable and useful. But the courses offered in these fields at the University of Pretoria should not be seen as 'easy options', and the students who do well are those who show commitment to their studies. The rewards are a comprehensive set of social and analytical skills  that can be applied to gainful employment.


Provides an important education for entry to careers in teaching and research, non-governmental organisations, development agencies, public health, AIDS research and prevention, journalism, museums, advertising and public relations, diplomacy, human relations, and labour consultancy. For more information about careers in anthropology, please visit


Provides training for jobs in government (universities, government departments), museums and heritage management, tourism  and commercial or 'contract' archaeology.

An Honours degree in Archaeology allows membership of the Association of Southern African Professional Archaeologists (ASAPA).

Skills  taught include

Field Skills (camping; first aid; navigation)                                  Field Skills (excavation, rock art recording)
Forensics (in co-operation with Anatomy)                                   Collections Management
Critical thinking                                                                                  GIS and Mapping
Photography                                                                                       Public Speaking and Publishing

Tracing gatherer-hunter rock paintings and excavating farmer hilltop site

  Development Studies

Provides training in the theoretical and practical field of development studies.