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Department of Civil Engineering

The Department of Civil Engineering uses facilities on the Experimental Farm of the University of Pretoria to accommodate the large number of students currently studying Civil Engineering. Undergraduate students conduct practical work in the laboratories on the farm.
Students working in the laboratory on the farm

Students welding in the workshop on the farm

The Department of Civil Engineering hydraulics laboratory is based on the Experimental Farm of the Univeristy of Pretoria and this laboratory houses sumps and pumps for experimental work on pipeflow and channelflow.   Facilities are also available for experimental work on water flow in scale models.
Scale model of channel flow Channel flow experimental setup Students outside the Hydraulics laboratory

The Experimental farm is also used to conduct full-scale testing of various civil engineering problems such as pavements and structures.
Full-scale test of the effect of bracing on the behaviour of timber trusses Thin concrete pavement test
Structural steel frame practical Experimental work on shotcrete