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Laboratory for Microscopy and Microanalysis

The services we offer

  • Extensive discussions during the planning stages of any project requiring the use of the facilities.
  • Assistance with the preparation of samples.
    • Biologicals:
      • TEM: Fixation, dehydration, embedding, sectioning, contrasting
      • SEM: Fixation, dehydration, CPD, mounting, gold sputtering
    • Materials:
      • TEM: Sawing, grinding,electropolishing, thinning, mounting
      • SEM: Cleaning, mounting, gold sputtering or carbon coating
    • Ultra-high res. FESEM: Slam- or injection freezing, freeze drying, mounting, Ion beam coating (Cr or C)
    • Optical Microscopy: Digital and Film Photomicro- and -macrography, Fluorescence Microscopy
  • Use of any of the microscopes and the help of a skilled operator.
  • Film, film development and proof printing. These services are normally available, but we appreciate users doing some of their own printing.
  • Limited assistance with the interpretation of results.
Charges for services:

Users are invoiced monthly for usage of the facilities.
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Hourly rates:

  • Use of SEM', TEM, FESEM, CONFOCAL R250.00
  • Other equipment R75.00
  • Assistance of a staff member R250.00
  • Micrographs (film & prints) Slightly above materials cost
  • Digital Micrographs Slightly above materials cost

Electron microscope charges include the services of an operator.