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Department of Genetics

Prof Don A Cowan

don.cowan [at]
012 420 5873 or 012 420 6929 
Office:   NW II building, rm 3-12


PhD (U. Waikato, NZ) 

Teaching subjects:

Have taught: Proteins and Enzymes; Industrial Microbiology: Microbial Ecology.


Research focus:

Areas of research include:
Microbial ecology, functional metagenomics, bacterial genomics,microbial stress responses; applied microbiology and enzymology, biofuels and biocatalysis.

Specific research projects include:
• Metagenomics of Antarctic cold desert ecosystems
• Genomics and genome sequencing of Geobacillus
• Microbial ecology of Namib Desert soil ecosystems
• Novel microbial stress response and adaptation genes
• Metaviromics of desert ecosystems
• Microbial ecology of toxic acid mine drainage
• Gene discovery for new biotransformation enzymes
• The structure-function of novel lignocellulosic degrading enzymes 

Technical Assistants and Research Fellows:

Name Position Location
Mr Lonnie Van Zyl Senior Technical Assistant UWC
Dr Jean-Baptiste Ramond Post Doc UWC
Dr Rob Huddy Post Doc UWC
Dr Samantha Easton Post Doc UWC
Dr Mariette Smart Post Doc UWC
Dr Omodele Ibrahim Post Doc UWC
Dr Edu Mullapudi Post Doc UWC
Dr Colin Anthony Post Doc UWC
Dr Monique Morse Post Doc UWC
Dr Mornay du Plessis Post Doc UWC
Dr Angel Valverde Research Fellow UP
Dr Yves Semegni Post Doc UP
Dr Pieter De Maayer Post Doc UP

Postgrad students:

Name Degree Location
Tshifhiwa Mamphogoro MSc UWC
Afshin Ghaziasgar MSc UWC
Freedom Tshabuse MSc UWC
Rhulani Ngobeni MSc UWC
Jarishma Gokul MSc UWC
William Bopda MSc UWC
Munaka Matshaya MSc UWC
Rudzani Mutengwe MSc UWC
Gerda du Plessis MSc UWC
Timna January MSc UWC
Dean Booysen MSc UWC
Wellington Charewa MSc UWC
Halimat Ibrahim MSc UWC
Walter Nevondo MSc UWC
Melissa du Plessis MSc UWC
Alicia Armstrong MSc UWC
Kambula Lukusa PhD UWC
Colin Ohlhoff PhD UWC
Dominique Anderson PhD UWC
Walter Mavengere PhD UWC
Natasha Mavengere PhD UWC
Thulani Makhalanyane PhD UWC
Pamela Welz PhD UWC
Dale Wilcox PhD UWC

Community Involvement:

  • President, Royal Society of South Africa
  • Editorial Board: Trends in Biotechnology [IF = 7.5]. 1995 - date
  • Editorial Board: Extremophiles [IF = 2.0]. 1996 – date.
  • Reviews Editor; 2002 – 2008.
  • Editorial Board: Biotechnology Letters [IF = 0.8]. 1999 – date.
  • Editorial Board: Astrobiology [IF = 2.4]. 2001 – date
  • Editorial Board: Journal of Applied Microbiology [IF = 1.7]/Letters in Applied Microbiology [IF = 1.2]. 2002 - date.
  • Editorial Board, Biotechnology Journal [IF=2.4]. 2005 - date
  • Editorial Board, Microbial Cell Factories (on-line journal published by BioMedCentral [IF = 3.36]. 2005 – date
  • Editorial Board, Cell Biochemistry and Function [IF 1.65]. 2008 - date

Society Memberships:

The Royal Society of South Africa  ~(President) 
Society for General Microbiology
International society for Extremophiles  ~(Council Member)
International Society for Microbial Ecology 
SA Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology  ~(Past President) 

List: 2000 – 2012

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