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 National Benchmark Test (NBT) 2014 

  • What are the National Benchmark Tests?
  • What does it cost to write?
  • How do I register?
  • How do I register to write?
  • Which tests must I write?
  • What is in the National Benchmark Tests?
    • Academic Literacy
    • Quantitave Literacy
    • Mathematics
  • When should I write?
  • What time are the tests and what must I bring with me?

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Extra classes in preparation of the NBT 2014:

JuniorTukkie reached an agreement with Purple Pepper Maths in order to provide assistance to JuniorTukkie-members in preparation of the National Benchmark Test (NBT). We received excellent feedback from learners who already attended one of these NBT preparation classes at Purple Pepper Maths.

Whilst we can only advise you to make use of the assistance provided by Purple Pepper Maths in terms of preparation for the NBT, JuniorTukkie cannot be held responsible for any NBT results.

Learners who are interested in attending any of these classes, should click on the link below for the NBT preparation classes schedule. Learners are requested to PERSONALLY make arrangements with Purple Pepper Maths.

Click here for the dates when NBT preparation classes are presented by Purple Pepper Maths 

Purple Pepper Maths contact information:
Duard le Roux: 082 859 3762
Reinette le Roux: 082 859 3762