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Research Vision

Our vision is to be an internationally recognised and locally relevant centre of research excellence in the economic, management and financial sciences. We strive to be at the cutting edge of economic, financial and management education and research with an African focus.



Research Focus: Reap the fruits of mega-events - 10/03/2014
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Long-term competitiveness is not a given when a tourism destination is offered the once-off opportunity to host a major international event. However, when the mega-event is driven by a broader event strategy, managed by an appropriate and able leadership, and stakeholder roles have been sharply defined, many of the expected benefits should be achieved.

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Research Focus: Personality Across Ethnocultural Groups in South Africa: So similar yet different. - 04/03/2014
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So similar yet different! This is the conclusion of a research team representative of five local and foreign universities published in the Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology.

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Research Focus: Send in the Perfect Business Rescue Practitioner - 25/02/2014
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“War-zone” experience is needed to rescue ventures in distress. “Business rescue practitioners (BRPs) face a challenging job,” says University of Pretoria’s Dr Marius Pretorius in the December 2013 issue of the South African Business Review. “A BRP’s tasks are complex, vaguely stated and involve a wide range of competencies not accessible to the average person.”

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