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Institute of Applied Materials (IAM)

Clay and Polymer Additive Technology

Ms Lumbi Moyo

Surfactant intercalated layered double hydroxides 

This project aims to study the different intercalation methods, materials obtained thereof and their utility and functional additives in oil and polymeric matrices read more


Mr Herminio Muiambo


Modified vermiculite-polymer composites

Neat Mg-vermiculite is a well known fire and/or flame retardant (incombustible, lightweight with excellent absorption and thermal insulation properties). It’s a low cost material and abundant. It expands when heated at temperatures above 450 °C  read more

Ms Nontete Nhlapo 

Vaporisation of volatile corrosion inhibitors   

This project aims to develop the TGA-FTIR based method that will help in characterisation and understanding of VCIs mechanism of action  read more          


 Mr Hendrik venter

Synthesis of hydrotalcite-like layered double hydroxides

This project aims to study the synthesis technique of hydrotalcite-like layered double hydroxides using different metal compositions and also investigate the possibility of UV-absorbers for polymer matrices  read more 


 Mr Afonso Macheca


Dimer Fatty Acid-Based Polyamide Nanocomposites: use of modified bentonite as functional nano-filler in polymers


This study aims to prepare polymer composites with enhanced properties by the incorporating modified of clays. The effect of different starting bentonites, clay modifications and loadings on the structure and properties of the resulting systems will be investigated. read more