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2012 Student Registration

Deur Shirley de Villiers

Gelaai op 23 Januarie 2012

Important dates and information for senior undergraduate, honours and master's students in the Department of Political Sciences for 2012.

Senior Undergraduate Students

Monday, 6 February 2012, 08h00 in HSB 4-1: Registration of senior (non-first year) undergraduate BPolSci students. Please keep strictly to this date and time – no registration will be accepted or assistance provided outside of these hours. Latecomers will have to report directly to – and register through – Faculty Administration. Non-first year students who register electronically are not required to attend the scheduled registration session.

BA students must attend the scheduled BA registration session and consult with the BA programme coordinator. BAdmin (International Relations) students must register in the Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences and must consult with the BAdmin package coordinator (School of Public Management and Administration).

Tuesday 7 February 2012: PTO 111 first meeting. Senior students who have to take – or repeat – the PTO 111 module must attend the first meeting of large course groups. Consult the Timetable/Roosterboek 2012 for the time and venue of this first meeting. During this session the PTO 111 students will be subdivided into smaller groups, allocated to specific venues and receive additional information on the module.

Wednesday 8 February 2012: Commencement of first semester lectures.

2012 Honours Students

Students who wish to apply for the Honours programme need a minimum 65% average in their third year major, e.g. in International Relations or in Political Science, in order to be admitted into the programme. Further information can be obtained from the Department.

Tuesday 7 February 2012, 17h00, HSB 21-16: First meeting of Honours students who have been admitted to the Honours programme by the Head of the Department of Political Sciences. At the meeting, students will receive information relating to each module, including timetables and the commencement of lectures.

2012 Master's Students

Students who have completed their Honours degrees and are interested in pursuing research-based Master's studies need an average of at least 65% for their Honours studies and have to apply for admission into the Master’s degree. The Departmental Guidelines are available from the Secretary, Ms Rina du Toit (HSB 21-14). Please note that there will be no intake of students for coursework Master’s degrees (e.g. MDIPS and MSS) in 2012.

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