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Model UN, an academic simulation of the United Nations

Posted on 27 May 2010

The Model UN, an academic simulation of the United Nations, was hosted by the Department of Political Sciences recently. This year's theme was "Revisiting Copenhagen: Special Meeting of the United Nations General Assembly on Climate Change".

The Model UN acts as an integral part of the curriculum of second year International Relations  students in that it allows them the opportunity to experience – and hence to understand – multilateral diplomacy within the context of an increasingly globalised world and also implants, ideally, a passion for current affairs within students – both of which are essential for further studies in the discipline of international relations.

This year a number of MDips (Master of Diplomatic Studies) students – all of whom are senior diplomats – acted as the adjudicators, with quite a number of representatives from various embassies attending the simulation. After three hours of intense and high quality debate, as attested to by the adjudicators and attendants, Indonesia emerged victorious. 
 Winning team: Indonesia

Some participants


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