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Academic Staff Exchange Bursary program - for academic research purposes in collaboration with an institutional partner (a recommendation but not a prerequisite).  A prescribed application form will have to be completed in advance including a motivation for the visit (one week to six weeks ) ,  which has to be supported by the Head of Department and Dean of the Faculty.

Academics are eligible to apply for the bursary of up to R50 000 (depending on the duration and institution to be visited) and it is recommended that they visit a partner institution with whom the University has an institutional relationship.

It is a UP funded bursary offered to academic staff and they could apply for funding during 4 rounds per annum:  with closing dates being 31 January, 30 April, 31 July and 31 October - normally the last Friday of the month in which the deadline date falls,  with closing time 16:00 on the particular day.  No late applications will be accepted. An Evaluation Committee,  representative of all Faculties, meet within 14 days after the closing date to evaluate applications. Applicants are notified in writing of the outcome of their application,  by the Vice Principal:  Research and Postgraduate Education and Chairperson of the Evaluation Committee, soon afterwards. 

A report has to be submitted within one month after the return to UP of the academic/ researcher. The report is also evaluated by the Committee during the 4 rounds mentioned above.  The report also has to be approved by the Head of Department and dean of the Faculty. If the research resulted in publications,  copies of such presentations or proper reference have to be submitted with the report.

Any unused funds have to be refunded to the University of Pretoria and proof of the deposit of such funds submitted to the Department of Research and Innovation:  (International Relations) .

The application form should be accompanied by an invitation of the visiting institution which will have to indicate the period and purpose of the visit/research activity. 

Successful academics could only apply once every two years (completed).

Only full time UP staff members (academics) could apply for the Bursary and they could also apply on behalf of a permanently employed academic from a partner institution (inbound) - to visit UP for joint research/adding optimum value in a joint research program.

The decision by the Chairperson and Evaluation Committee is final and no further correspondence will be accepted.

The EUROSA coordinator and joint-coordinator will visit the following universities:

-       Monday February 18th : University of Pretoria (target audience: UP, Wits, UNISA,…)

-       Tuesday February 19th: Durban University of Technology (target audience: DUT and UKZN)

-       Thursday February 21st: Cape Peninsula University of Technology (target audience: CPUT, UW, UCT and SU)

For more information please contact: Louise Euthimiou (012) 420 3237 or see attached docs

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