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New Students- Undergraduate

Welcoming, registration and the start of the academic year 2014

Admission to the University of Pretoria has become extremely competitive, so at the outset we wish to congratulate you on being admitted as a student.

You will find that UP provides a very rich student experience. In addition to the very wide range of academic programmes and courses from which you can choose, we have a variety of cultural and sporting events. Navigating your way through the wide variety of choices can be quite daunting. Our Orientation Programme is especially crafted to assist all students in adapting to university life. Advice on, for example, courses, time management, habits for success and motivation is provided.

Although this Orientation Programme is but an initial component of the holistic academic support framework pioneered by UP staff, we urge you to participate fully in all the events to enable you to make the most of your first year with us.

Official start of the academic year for first-year students

Faculty Orientation Programmes for 2014

General Orientation Information