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Business Clinic

About us

Rochelle Sadler, Johann Van Der Spuy and Lerato Mashilo 

The Mamelodi Business Clinic is a programme of the Department of Business Management in the Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences aimed at facilitating entrepreneurship and small business development in and around the Tshwane community through business advice and business counselling processes.

The Mamelodi Campus is the hub of the University of Pretoria’s community engagement programmes. The broad aim of the Department of Community Engagement is to provide support to academic departments, staff and students in their community engagement initiatives. These initiatives are aimed at providing support to communities in their self-identified upliftment and empowerment efforts; and to students in their learning processes by bridging the theory in lectures with practical real-life experiences related to their academic activities.


  • To foster a teaching and learning approach that integrates community service with academic study to enrich learning, teach civic responsibility and strengthen communities.
  • To contribute to the goals of the local economic development plan and broad-based black economic empowerment (BBBEE)
  • To develop Small, Micro and Medium Enterprises (SMME’s).
  • To develop a dynamic, diverse and thriving local business environment.

The Business Clinic will:

  • provide workshops, conferences, entrepreneurial training and development programmes to the communities.
  • promote public awareness and understanding of business requirements by disseminating pertinent information to business owners and community groups.
  • provide business formation, company registration and development assistance, assessment of risk/liability, opinions on code compliance and financial accounting and reporting standards.
  • empower small businesses and non-profit organisations in the community with the necessary knowledge and skills to operate their businesses.
  • provide necessary assistance to small entrepreneurs during their start-up phase, their continuation phase, and their expansion phase by offering quality counselling, business advice and mentoring.