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Institutional Research Themes

UP Institutional & Faculty Research Themes

The University of Pretoria recently initiated a process designed to identify the unique research strengths of this institution and to support the development of strong multidisciplinary research groups clustered around the identified strengths.

This process of clustering has two tiers:
  • Institutional research themes (IRT), which are major initiatives involving a set of participating faculties
  • Faculty research themes (FRTs), which involve participation on a more limited scale by a lesser number of faculties.
Both the IRTs and the FRTs are designed to recognise and foster excellence in research and to be led by acknowledged international leaders in their specific disciplines.

It is anticipated that these themes will add to the University’s research reputation as they develop, and at the same time will engender a climate that promotes scholarship among academic staff and postdoctoral fellows, and will also produce more doctorates.

Institutional Research Themes

Faculty Research Themes



Harnessing the power of the sun - 29/08/2014
From Energy

Prof Ken Craig and his research group in the Department of Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering are focusing on the sun and the energy it can provide us. Although the familiar domestic solar panels and solar geysers are becoming more widespread, these provide only local power or energy and are not suitable for large-scale power generation. Therefore, Prof Craig decided to focus on concentrated solar power or CSP.

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