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Agribusiness Management

Academic Programmes

The type of teaching adopted by the department is applied and realistic. Although theory based, students are exposed to various experiences that give them a feel for what their course is about. The department organises field trips to various farms, pack houses and cooperatives in order to expose students to the practical side of the industry. By inviting top level guest speakers, students get firsthand information about the working world and gain insight into what is potentially awaiting them in their future careers. Case studies, real life business plans and assignments on current issues encourage students to apply what they’ve learnt and to further deepen their knowledge in their respective fields of study.

The broad number of modules offered at undergraduate level give students a feel for the different specialisation fields available to them. Ultimately, it’s the goal of the department to produce highly-educated students who are adequately equipped to conduct relevant research and be reputable economists.

We offer the following courses, where the emphasis falls on agribusiness management and agricultural economics:

Undergraduate Courses

BSc (Agric) Agricultural Economics: Agribusiness Management  

BCom Agribusiness Management (code 07130091)

Postgraduate Courses

BInstAgrar(Hons) Agribusiness Management 

BCom(Hons) Agricultural Economics