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Student Accommodation


Residence Facilities

Each residence is managed by a management team consisting of a Head of Residence, Coordinator: Residence Facilities and House Committee.  The Coordinator:  Residence Facilities reports all faults to residence facilities (general defects and maintenance).  He/she also handles all the internal (residence) administration and arrangements when guests are accommodated in our residences.

Cleaning Services
  • This service is rendered by external contractors.
  • Students are responsible for the general neatness of their own rooms.
  • Communal areas e.g. passages, bathrooms, toilets, foyers, staircases and sitting rooms are cleaned on a daily basis (Monday to Friday) by the cleaning contractor.
  • Students are responsible for their own washing.  All residences have washing machines and tumbles dryers and students must provide their own washing powder, fabric softener, detergents etc.
  • Skeleton staff is provided on Saturdays to remove dustbins and clean the bathrooms and toilets only.
  • No cleaning services are rendered on Sundays and public holidays.
  • It is expected of students to leave their rooms in a neat and respectable state before they leave for recess.
  • During the December recess all rooms are spring cleaned.
  • During recess all rooms must be completely vacated to allow maintenance in the residences.
Residence Facilities and Maintenance Management Division

Our goal is to supply each student with a safe, comfortable home away from home; an environment where each student can reach his/her academic goals (creating quality listening, living and learning communities).  This division is responsible for the day-to-day maintenance in all residences, as well as capital projects (i.e. upgrading/renovation of residences).

We have a most competent internal maintenance team that renders a 24/7 service. We are also assisted by external contractors.

Maintenance related faults that a student might experience regarding his/her residence facility or room during office hours, must be reported to the Coordinator: Residence Facilities, who will get in contact with the necessary contractor for prompt reaction and repair.

During recesses this division tackles major upgrading and maintenance projects in residences.

The Coordinator: Residence Facilities periodically inspect the residences and students’ rooms to ensure that the maintenance work is up to standard as well as to ascertain where maintenance is needed.

Contact details:

Assistant Director of Residence Facilities and Maintenance Management:
Mr Lovemore Nhlapo
Tel nr: 012 420 4203

Head of Maintenance Management:
Mr Sakkie Thaoge

Tel nr: 012 420 2105

Project Manager:  
Jeanette Nethengue
Tel nr: 012 420 3918

Head of Cleaning and Maintenance Services:
Herkie Smit
Tel nr: 012 420 2745
Administration Officer:
Elsie Jordaan
Tel nr: 012 420 2442