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Department of Chemistry
 Dr Lynne Pilcher

Tel: +27 12 420-5384
Office: Room 4-52 Natural Sciences I building

Position: Senior lecturer
Academic qualifications: MSc (Rhodes), PhD (Cambridge)

Research interests:
My research concentrates on the stereoselective syntheses of molecules for biological investigations.  As such I am part of a very strong collaboration with Prof. Verschoor in the department of biochemistry, UP.  This collaboration has involved the co-supervision of a number of students.  Much of our recent synthetic work has been in close collaboration with Prof. Baird in the department of chemistry, Bangor University, UK.

Publications over the past five years:

Journal articles:

1. Beukes, M.; Lemmer, Y.; Deysel, M.; Al Dulayymi, J.R.; Baird, M.S.; Koza, G. Iglesias, M.M.; Rowles, R.R.; Theunissen, C.; Grooten, J.; Toschi, G.; Roberts, V.V.; Pilcher, L.; van Wyngaardt, S.; Mathebula, N.; Balogun, M.; Stoltz, A.C.; Verschoor, J.A. “Structure-function relationships of the antigenicity of mycolic acids in tuberculosis patients” Chemistry and Physics of Lipids 2010, 163, 800-808.
2. Driver, C. H. S.; Balogun, M. O.; Toschi, G.; Verschoor, J. A.; Baird, M. S.;, Pilcher, L. A.*  “A biomimetic approach to the synthesis of a mycolic motif” Tetrahedron Lett. 2010, 51, 1185-1186.
3. Lemmer, Y.; Thanyani, S.T.; Vrey, P.J.; Driver, C.H.S.; Venter, L.; van Wyngaardt, S.; Ten Bokum, A.M.C.; Ozoemena, K.I.; Pilcher, L.A.; Fernig, D.G.; Stoltz, A.C.; Swai. H.S.; Verschoor, J.A. “Chapter 5 – Detection of anti-mycolic acid antibodies by liposomal biosensors” Methods Enzymol, 2009, 464, 79-104.
4. Sharma, K.; Laurens J.B.; Pilcher, L.A. “Stereoselective synthesis of the urinary metabolite N-Acetyl-S-(3,4-dihydroxybutyl)cysteine”  Synth. Commun. 2009, 39, 1415-1424.
5. Benadie, Y.; Deysel, M.; Siko, D.G.R.; Roberts, V.V.; van Wyngaardt, S.; Thanyani, T.S.; Sekanka, G.; Ten Bokum, A.M.C.; Collett, L.A.; Grooten, J.; Baird, M.S.; Verschoor, J.A. “Cholesteroid Nature of Free Mycolic Acids from M. tuberculosis.” Chemistry and Physics of Lipids 2008, 152, 95-103.