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New BCur Logo

Deur Renť Stone

Gelaai op 07 Maart 2012

Renť van Rooyen (BCur IV) is the designer the new official House BCur Logo.

At the end of 2011 the House BCur HK announced that they needed a new logo and were happy to look at designs by BCur students. After much thought and consideration over all the entries, a winning logo has finally been chosen.

The logo was designed by René van Rooyen, a current fourth year BCur student. Below is her motivation and insight into her design:

The logo is based on the official epaulets, worn by Registered nurses in South Africa. It represents what we are qualified in, once we qualify with our BCur degree.

Yellow Bar: Community (Design concept: Heart of community, community hand, hands working together)

Navy Bar:    Psychiatry (Design concept: Spiral of the integrate mind at work)

Green Bar:  Midwifery (Design concept: Mother and child)

White Bar:Nursing education (Design concept: We study at university of Pretoria, Diploma handed over 
      during qualification ceremonies)

Once again congratulations to René van Rooyen, from House BCur.

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