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Department of Science and Technology
Women in Science Awards 

Since 2003, the South African Women in Science Awards have highlighted the role of women and their leadership capacity. The awards are part of government’s efforts to recognise and create incentives for women scientists and researchers and to profile them as successful researchers and scientists whose distinguished achievements are an inspiration to the nation and to young women and girls in particular.

In one year, the Awards give recognition to achievements in the Natural Sciences and Engineering and the next year the spotlight falls on achievements in the Life Sciences.

Other programmes that the department is using to promote women participation in science, engineering and technology include programmes under the Youth into Science Strategy and other women targeted funding instruments at the National Research Foundation (NRF). The department has set a minimum participation target of 60% for women in most of its programmes, including postgraduate bursaries, internships, the Professional Development Programme and postdoctoral fellowships, among others. The Winners of the Women in Science Awards will aid government’s plans to popularise careers in science and research by participating in a range of public initiatives.