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Postdoctoral Fellowship Programme

Internal Funding

The University of Pretoria annually grants postdoctoral fellowships with a view to grow and sustain an environment that supports a vibrant research, scholarship and innovation culture. In order to achieve this purpose, the university strives to attract postdoctoral fellows who have demonstrated outstanding talent in their area of research and would contribute to sustaining a research culture through enhancing research productivity.

The Fellowships are intended to foster existing academic research and scholarly or creative activities within the university by:

  • allowing established researchers and research entities to have the opportunity to recruit individuals to enhance their research scholarship
  • providing outstanding young researchers with an opportunity to develop their research skills and to transfer this to UP
  • developing the careers of post-doctoral fellows as academics by encouraging participation to a limited degree in teaching and co-supervision of postgraduate students
  • encouraging the presence of the fellows by the development of new areas of research and enhanced research productivity through the increased level of publications and the throughput of post-graduate students.

Awards are made annually on a competitive basis while adequate funding is available. Prospective postdoctoral/research fellows have to consult prospective research leaders (mentors) with whom they become co-applicants for a postdoctoral fellowship. Prospective research leaders (mentors) will apply for these fellowships, irrespective of the source of funding, through the UP Advisory Committee for Postdoctoral Research Fellowships.


Research Support
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Interested parties should refer to the downloadable documents below for more information