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Departement Landbou-ekonomie, Voorligting en Landelike Ontwikkeling

Postgraduate Programmes

The Department offers three degree programme ‘streams’ for which enrolment depends on the undergraduate degree of the student:

  • Students with a three-year Bachelors degree in Agriculture (e.g. B Agric) may enrol for the B Inst Agrar Hons programme and on completion may qualify for the M Inst Agrar.
  • Students with a three-year B Com degree may be admitted to the B Com Hons programme and, on completion, may be admitted to the M Com programme.
  • Students who have completed the four-year B Sc Agric programme may qualify for admission to the M Sc Agric programme.

Honours Programmes

BInstAgrar(Hons) Agribusiness Management

BInstAgrar(Hons) Agricultural Economics

BInstAgrar(Hons) Extension

BInstAgrar(Hons) Rural Development Planning

BCom(Hons) Agricultural Economics (code 07240090)

Masters Programmes

MInstAgrar Agricultural Economics

MInstAgrar Agronomy

MInstAgrar Extension

MInstAgrar Rural Development Planning

MSc(Agric) Agricultural Economics

MSc(Agric) Agricultural Extension

MSc(Agric) Agronomy

MCom Agricultural Economics (Dissertation) (code 07250090)

MPhil in Agricultural Economics (code 07255250)

Research Focus Areas for the Department

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