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Exceptional Achievers 2011


The University of Pretoria’s Academic Achievers Awards is an occasion for recognizing the outstanding teaching and research that contributes to our position as one of South Africa’s leading universities. In a university where the everyday norm is high quality in all our activities, assessing academic excellence in teaching and research is a complex matter. To assist us in identifying truly exceptional achievement, we rely on peer review which is internationally recognised as the gold standard in assessing academic quality.

In the case of research, the National Research Foundation’s (NRF) rating system is a key mechanism used by the University to identify excellence. The NRF rating system is peer review process that enables us to benchmark research at both national and international levels. It is a rigorous evaluation process and only about one tenth of all academic staff employed at South African universities have a rating. Thus, being NRF rated is in itself a significant achievement.

While research is a core component of the University’s academic mission, excellence in teaching is our lifeblood.  Therefore, the suite of awards conferred on our academics gives considerable attention to quality in teaching and learning. Balancing teaching and research as well as ensuring that our activities have a strong positive impact on our communities requires deep commitment and passion on the part of our academic staff. The individual achievements denoted in this year’s awards are inspirational. On behalf of the University of Pretoria, congratulations and thank you for your outstanding contribution to enhancing the national and international stature of our institution.  You are a great source of pride to us all.

Prof C de la Rey
Vice-Chancellor and Principal, University of Pretoria

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