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Faculty of Humanities

Community Engagement in the Faculty of Humanities

The Faculty of Humanities of the University of Pretoria regards Community Engagement as an essential component of its on-going commitment to foster active engagement with individuals, groups and communities. As part of its perceived mandate, it is concerned to produce graduates who are able to play leading roles in a country that continues to face many social and other challenges. The Faculty is committed to embed Community Engagement in Teaching and Learning and Research. The Faculty of Humanities Community Engagement Committee is chaired by Prof Hennie Stander and Dr Reineth Prinsloo.

The Faculty of Humanities has 26 curricular community engagement modules. Continual efforts are being made to support links between teaching and learning, research and community engagement. Assistance is provided by Mary Shibambu and Ms Gernia van Niekerk from the Department of Community Engagement from Education Innovation.

For more information on individual community engagement projects please click on the following links: