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Centre for Inclusive Banking in Africa launched

Financial inclusion towards economic development and the mitigation of poverty is one of the biggest challenges of our country, the region and the continent. The Centre for Microfinance at the University of Pretoria, which has been contributing towards this inclusion since 2004, was relaunched as the Centre for Inclusive Banking in Africa on 23 March.

The centre is a member of the Microfinance Management Institute's (MFMI) global community, which comprises 65 training and academic institutions from more than 29 countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East and Europe. It aims to improve capacity in microfinance institutions. The centre receives support from the South African Banking Sector Education and Training Authority (BankSeta) and is a Centre of Excellence of this institution.

The centre is located in the Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences, and its mission is to build management capacity in microfinance, to enhance access to financial services for low-income clients, and to improve general microfinance knowledge in financial institutions.