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Woman in Leadership: Progress and challenges

Arguably one of the most significant worldwide changes during the 20th century has been the entrance of women into management and leadership positions that had long been male dominated. Despite this change, women are still underrepresented in the upper echelons of organisations. An expert from the University of Pretoria, Professor Stella Nkomo, will - in the UP EXPERT LECTURE SERIES - pose the question of just how far women have progressed and what the barriers are which continue to impede their advancement. The lecture will place these questions in the broader international context and at the same time provide insight into the status of women managers and leaders in South Africa. The UP EXPERT LECTURE SERIES provides a public platform for academics of the University of Pretoria to engage with a general audience regarding significant developments in their fields of expertise that are likely to have an impact in the future.


Prof Stella Nkomo

Professor in the Department Management in the Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences