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Centre for Geoinformation Science

Feedback by students from their recent travels

By Centre for Geoinformation Science

Posted on 22 August 2011

At a CGIS meeting on 18 August 2011, students reported back about their recent travels to Paris (France), Delft (Netherlands), Wrocław (Poland) and Cape Town (South Africa). These sessions provide an opportunity for students to share their experience and research with peers and and also to get feedback from other attendees. Five students presented impressions from their trips: what the event was about, what they learnt, and whether they would recommend the event to other students.

Presentations from the feedback session are available below:
  1. Jeofrey Ditsela (PhD): 25th International Cartographic Conference in Paris
  2. Christoph Stallmann (B IT): AfricaGEO 2011 conference in Cape Town
  3. Victoria Rautenbach (MSc): Visit to Wroclaw in Poland as part of a bilateral South Africa/Poland project
  4. Daniel Sebake (M IT): SDI workshop in Cape Town
  5. Antony Cooper (PhD):  ISO/TC 211, Geographic information/Geomatics plenary week in Delft

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