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Office of the Registrar

Academic Planning

The University of Pretoria’s vision is to be:

Africa’s leading research-intensive university, recognised internationally for its quality, relevance and impact, developing people, creating knowledge and making a difference locally and globally.

The navigational markers of its vision are: Quality, relevance, diversity, sustainability.

In this regard, the University’s approach to programme planning and renewal (academic strategy) takes the following points of departure:

  • The review, renewal and development of programmes must be based on sound academic principles;
  • The navigational markers of quality, relevance, diversity and financial sustainability are key tools and drivers in the ongoing processes of curriculum and programme change;
  • Inquiry-led curricula and approaches to teaching must be derived from and reinforce the research intensive identity of the University, thus also the importance of what is taught;
  • Approaches to teaching, learning and assessment that are aligned with ‘best practices’ at research intensive universities;
  • Graduate attributes - at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels - aligned with the human capital needs of the economy and society, need to encapsulate both universal and particular South African demands, and develop in students a critical citizenship.

The University endorses the HEQC’s Framework and Criteria for Programme Accreditation (2004). These criteria are applied institutionally when compiling and considering proposals for the introduction of new undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. However, it needs to be noted that the HEQC criteria for programme accreditation indicate minimum standards for academic programmes, and therefore need to be used as guidelines, supplemented by the University’s academic mission and plan.

The role and responsibilities of the Head: Academic Planning are to meet continually with academics, faculties’ teaching and learning committees and deans to ensure the implementation of the University’s academic strategy. In this regard, the Head: Academic Planning assists faculties in ongoing curriculum revision, renewal and change in line with international best practice.