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Prof Amanda Minnaar


Prof Minnaar is Head of the Department of Food Science as well as Full Professor in the Department of Food Science in the Faculty of Natural and Agricultural Sciences at the University of Pretoria. The unifying theme in her research is the use of modern food processing technologies to improve the quality (sensory, nutritional, functional) and safety of plant foods. She is interested in enhancing the utilisation of indigenous, drought-tolerant legumes through the development and use of novel food processing technologies such as ionising irradiation and micronisation – an infrared, short-time, and high-temperature treatment.


The highlights in her career have been her participation as project leader or chief scientific investigator in several international projects. The USAID-funded Bean/Cowpea Coordinated Research Programme, the FAO/International Atomic Energy Agency International Working Groups, and the EU INCO-DEV Marama II Project count among these.

She is particularly passionate about training postgraduate master’s and doctoral students in her research focus area and counts this as her most significant achievement.

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