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Associate Professor Namrita Lall


is an associate professor in the Department of Plant Science (Medicinal Plant Science). Namrita is the module leader of three modules compulsory for Medicinal Plant Science (Option) degree which is being offered at postgraduate level.


Research Interests and current projects: 


Antituberculosis leads from medicinal plants and cytotoxicity of plant extracts/compounds. Anticancer activity of medicinal plants. Development of cosmeceuticals for combating periodontal diseases and identifying samples with  antityrosinase (prevent Skin pigmentation) and antiacne activity from natural resources. Mechanistic activity of cosmeceuticals with antityrosinase activity.


62 publications, book contribution, one US and one national patent.

Plans for next 5 years:

Four plant extracts with significant antityrosinase activity subjected to clinical trials. Possible products for oral care and for acne treatment. Exploring the treatment for Tuberculosis and cancer which can serve as an adjunct to existing treatment are underway.

Tel: +27-12-4202524

 Cell:+27 828404783



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