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Prof Rachelle Gauton


Rachélle Gauton is full professor in the Department of African Languages. She started her research career with an MA and DLitt focusing on isiZulu linguistics and comparative and diachronic Bantu linguistics and typological language change. Comparative and typological linguistic study of the Bantu languages led to an interest in research in the field of Translation Studies with specific reference to the African languages and isiZulu in particular.

In 2001, Prof Gauton broadened her research activities to incorporate the latest technological advances that occurred within the fields of Linguistics and Translation Studies, namely the use of electronic (computerised) corpora as a research tool which resulted in the establishment and rapid growth of the research domains Corpus Linguistics and Corpus-based Translation Studies. During 2001 she also assisted with the building of the University of Pretoria Zulu Corpus and embarked on the building of an electronic corpus of translated Zulu texts. Prof Gauton was project manager, lead linguist, validator and quality controller for the localisation (translation) of the Microsoft operating system Windows XP into isiZulu, a project commissioned by Microsoft and awarded to the University of Pretoria after a tender process. This was the first project of its kind in an African language and the results have not only fed directly into Prof Gauton’s research and teaching activities, but have also contributed to the development of isiZulu as higher function language.


Prof Gauton has received numerous grants and has also been involved in a number of projects that have all attracted independent research funding. These projects have as their focus the overlapping fields of African Language Terminology Research and Development, Translation Studies and the Application of Human Language Technologies. Prof Gauton has published both nationally and internationally, is the co-author of two scholarly textbooks and translator and/or language editor for a number of books translated into or out of isiZulu.

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