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Prof Paulette Bloomer


is a full professor in the Genetics Department at UP and an honorary research fellow of the Percy FitzPatrick Institute of African Ornithology (UCT) and the South African Institute for Aquatic Biodiversity.  Since 1999 her research group, the Molecular Ecology and Evolution Programme, focuses on the phylogenetics, phylogeography and population genetics of endemic and regional vertebrate species. She has authored/co-authored 55 research papers, conference proceedings and technical reports and is actively involved in postgraduate student mentoring.  Current projects include research on mammals (e.g. rodents, golden moles, various predator- and antelope species), birds (larks and finches), as well as freshwater (yellowfishes, rock catlets) and marine fishes (seabreams, hake, sardine, anchovy). The group’s research findings have applications in biodiversity conservation, understanding of ecosystem functioning and sustainable utilization of living resources.


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