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The TuksAlumni Board Bursary Fund

The TuksAlumni Alumni Association, founded as the Bond van Oud-Tukkies, years ago started raising funds for a bursary fund that would help meritorious students to study at their Alma Mater.

A) Information for donors and prospective donors

How can Alumni donate to the TuksAlumni Bursary Fund?

As a donor to the TuksAlumni Board Bursary Fund, you can help the cream of the country's young people obtain an excellent qualification at an esteemed university - the University of Pretoria . In this way donors (loyal Alumni of Tukkies) help to maintain the high standards of our Alma Mater.

Prospective donors may contact the TuksAlumni Office, tel ( +2712 ) 420-3086 or for further details.

Objectives of the Fund
  • To support meritorious students of UP by providing them with bursaries.
  • To attract high-quality students to study at UP through this financial support and in this way to maintain the high standards of the University.

Why take part?

As soon as you contribute to the TuksAlumni Bursary Fund you could give a deserving student an opportunity to study - a gift that lasts a lifetime! You will also receive an Article 18A tax certificate should you not personally benefit from your donation.


B) Information for students and prospective bursary holders

Who receives bursaries?

Any meritorious student in any field of study may apply for a TuksAlumni Board Bursary - which is valid for one year. Although not conditional, it will be taken into account when bursaries are awarded if the applicant's parent  is an Alumnus/na.  The TuksAlumni Board also makes bursaries available to postgraduate students in any field of study.

Application and allocation procedures

Students should contact the UP CLIENT SERVICE CENTRE at tel +27 12 420 3111 or and apply for the TuksAlumni bursaries on the UP Bursary Application Form under the section UP SUPPORT BURSARIES. Kindly state here that you apply for a TuksAlumni Bursary.

Click here for more information about the TuksAlumni and all UP bursaries.   

Management of and selection committee of the TuksAlumni Board Bursary Fund

The TuksAlumni Board Bursary Fund is governed by the TuksAlumni Board and managed by UP's Division: Study Finance. The selection committee is formed by the TuksAlumni Board or a selection committee appointed by the Board. Bursaries are allocated in accordance with the TuksAlumni General Bursary Fund Policy as well as the TuksAlumni/Absa Bursary Fund Policy.

Alma Mater Fund discount

This is not a bursary but an ONCE OFF DISCOUNT of R1000 on a first-year student's tuition fees. Only students whose parents are members of Alumni's Alma Mater Fund are eligible.  

The Alma Mater Fund and discount are managed by the Office for Alumni Relations.  Students whose parent(s) are members of the Alma Mater Fund (or the parents/members themselves) must apply for this discount on the prescribed form at the TuksAlumni Office in Kya Rosa. Proof of membership of the Alma Mater Fund should be at hand. The application should be done as soon as possible as it is not granted automatically and is also not valid after the student's tuition account has reached a zero balance. No money is paid out to members or students.

More information about the Alma Mater Fund available here.  

Some of the TuksAlumni Board bursary holders for 2010 with UP staff members
and the Chairperson of the TuksAlumni Board, Rikus Immink, (left at the back). 



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